2019 Aspin Fellowship Class of 1960/1986 Awards

In early April, our committee (which now includes five members of the Class of 1986: Bill Monahan; Caroline Fredrickson; Neela Banerjee; Hugo Faria and yours truly, Gary Eisenberg) met and awarded funds to enable four talented Yale undergrads to pursue internships this summer in the national security field. They included:

Christina Pao, United Nations in Bangkok, Thailand in connection with work that will focus on offshore refugee processing and policy analysis

Justin Jin, Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels, Belgium, for conduct of independent research and work with Bill Echikson of CEPS on development of digital policy across Europe and its potential impact on the United States

Zach Glass, Middlebury Center for Nonproliferation in Monterey, California, for independent research into Chinese diplomatic conduct and policy formation as it impacts interaction with North Korean and resulting efforts to foster nuclear non-proliferation

James Carrabino, the U.S. Embassy in London, quantitative research into Middle East policy divergences between the United States and the United Kingdom

Congratulations to the 2019 Aspin Fellows.

Respectfully submitted by Gary Eisenberg