The Branford College Class of 1960 Summer Fellowship 2020

Committee met as scheduled on March 5. After interviewing 9 final candidates awards were granted to six students, three of whom could not pursue their projects due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. Three awardees are able to work remotely,
and will conduct their projects this summer. They are:

  • Avi Cooper: Awarded $2,000 to conduct research on artificial intelligence under the
    auspices of the MIT Center for Brains, Minds and Machines.
  • Alejandra Larriva-Latt: Awarded $3,000 to study the works of the American artist David
  • Rami Rajjoub: Awarded $2,000 to analyze the implications of evidence-based medicine
    for the quality of American health care in coordination with the Mayo Clinic.

Committee members attending were Carrie Reynolds,’86, Joanna Riesman,’86 (Chairs), Jim Crystal,’86, and Arvin Murch’60 (for Peter Dickinson). The committee also included Branford College Head Enrique De La Cruz.