Classmate Publications

Listed below are recent publications by classmates reported since the 55th Reunion, May, 2015.

Lewis L. Lloyd: Front, Back and Sideways

Peter Parsons: The Ernie LaFon Family Album

William Boardman: Exceptionalism: American Exceptionalism Takes Its Toll

Leslie Epstein: Hill of Beans: A Novel of War and Celluloid

Ruslan Feldman: Wisdom for Living: Learning to Follow Your Inner Guidance

Peter Green: Becoming an Architect: My Voyage of Discovery

Daniel Horowitz: Happiness: The History of a Cultural Movement That Aspired to Transform

Entertaining Entrepreneurs: Reality TV´s Shark Tank and the American Dream in
Uncertain Times

Richard Land Sigal: Shades of Public Finance
Volume 1: Illicit Bankruptcies, Innovative Municipal Bonds, and Why the Patriots
Didn’t Move to Hartford

Volume 2: More Insider Stories of the Municipal Bonds that Built America