Yale '60 Fellowships Report: 2005

Respectfully submitted by Carol Schaller
John Heinz Government Service Fellowship
Les Aspin International Public Service Fellowship
Y’60 Branford Travel Study Fellowship

John Heinz Government Service Fellowship

This Fellowship’s campus liaison is the Office of International Education and Fellowship Programs.  The faculty assigned to our Fellowship is Professor Douglas Rae.  We were presented with seven semi-finalists and the Class Selection Committee chose five to be interviewed. This year the funds generated $10,177.00 in disposable income. We made four awards.

Richard Ludlow SM  ’07 was awarded $3000 to fund his internship with the Division of Transplantation within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  One of his objectives is to help the government’s ability to raise organ donation rates.

Alissa Stollwerk SY ’06 was awarded $3000 to fund her internship in the Office of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid in the Communications and Internet Depts., Washington, D.C.

Usha Chilukuri PC ’06 was awarded $2,125 to fund her internship at the U.S. Dept. of State with the U.S. Diplomacy Center a new museum.  The museum will track the history of American diplomacy and involvement in foreign affairs.

Noel Pascal TD ‘06 was awarded $2000 to fund his internship with the Director of Western Hemisphere office in the International Security Affairs Agency at the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C.

Y’60 JHGSF Selection Committee: Peter S. Ness, Charles A. Schmitz,

James W. Trowbridge, William D. Weber, Charles M. Weymouth, John A. Wilkinson, Carol V.C. Schaller, Chair

Les Aspin International Public Service Fellowship

This Fellowship’s campus liaison is in the Yale/Luce Center for International and Area Studies. The faculty component consists of a screening committee and Asst. Professor Richard Kane. The faculty committee arranged to have us interview seven semi-finalists and we awarded four stipends.

Whitney Haring-Smith was awarded $2500.  He will assist Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Western Hemisphere to coordinate state capacity-building in Latin American countries for the Department of Defense.

Jacob Liebenluft was awarded $2500. He will conduct a two-part, long-term reporting project under the auspices of Foreign Policy Magazine that examines the impact of international development policy on the smallest scale. He will travel first to the Indian Ocean archipelago of the Maldives. For the second project, he will travel to a village in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Daniel Weisfield was awarded $2500.  He has secured an internship in the U.S. Diplomatic Mission to the United Nations, Press and Public Affairs Section.

Alexander Dadok was awarded $500.  He plans to travel to Ghana for eight weeks and intern for the United Nations Development Program to study the effect of governance institutions on private enterprise development in Ghana.

Les Aspin Fellowship Committee:  Richard F. Banbury, W. Wilson Keithline, Edward J. Leavitt lll ,  Carol Schaller, Chair

Y’60 Branford Travel/Study Fellowship

This Fellowship is based at Branford College, the affiliated residential college for Yale ’60. The program was organized by Albert C. Pergam and others and dates back to 1988. It is our oldest Fellowship program.  Professor Steven B. Smith, Master of Branford College, is our faculty component. Students are invited to submit proposals for summer plans that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue. More tolerance is given to personal development and imaginative goals than in our service oriented fellowships. Nevertheless, this Committee has looked upon Service with favor.

Laura Warren was awarded a $4000 stipend. She intends to spend the summer at the University of Washington in a virology research clinic studying sexually transmitted diseases. Without funding it would not be possible for her to accept the internship.

Santiago Suarez was awarded a $3000 stipend. He will travel to Chennai India to head a pilot project that aims to establish individual lending in two Indian villages. The final stage of the project will consist of actually working with a microfinance institution on underwriting the first individual loans.

Y’60 Selection Committee: Peter B. Cooper, Barry R. Schaller, Prof. Steven B. Smith, Carol Schaller, Chair

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