Gordon Franklin Fairclough, Jr.

Gordon Franklin Fairclough, Jr. died in July, 2022.

Gordon was born in Glenview, Illinois. He was an outstanding student at Yale and was very active as a trumpet player in the marching band and the concert band. Upon graduation from Yale, he continued on to the Yale School of Medicine’s combined MD-PhD Program. Upon completion of his PhD in Biochemistry, he decided to devote his career to research in Biochemistry. He had a distinguished career at Cornell University Medical College in New York City as an Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs at the Medical College. He was an outstanding teacher and mentor of numerous classes of medical students. He retired from the Medical College in the 1990s. He is survived by his brother, Robert Fairclough, and two sons, Gordon Edward Fairclough, Yale ’88, and Gregory Fairclough, and his wife of 19 years, Barbara Fairclough.

sent in by classmate Bruce Ballard