L.A. Mini Reunion

Huntington Library and Gardens

Huntington Library and Gardens

L.A. Mini Reunion Wrap-Up!

By Ronna Shipman

A good time was had by all at the Yale Mini-Reunion held in Los Angeles in October, 2016. The agenda was packed with a variety of exciting adventures, both historic and cutting-edge contemporary, and the Yale group really proved to be a hardy group of seasoned travelers, interested in all things Southern California. From the Getty Museum to the glitz of Beverly Hills and on to the museum voted #1 in the world, The Petersen Automotive Museum, featuring the most expensive and beautiful vehicles in the world. The private tour was a potpourri of history with stories of intrigue, glamour, world wars, royalty, gangsters and, of course, Hollywood celebrities, all related to the famous and infamous who owned these magnificent automobiles.

The Disney Concert Hall, walking tours of downtown Los Angeles, including the historic Bradbury Building, all the while dining together, renewing friendships and making new ones. The Huntington Library and Gardens was another highlight, as well as the tour of Warner Bros Studios viewing sound studios and learning about the film industry up close.

Of course, the highlight of the reunion was the opportunity to reminisce with fellow Yalies, sharing life stories, regaling over experiences shared as young men in a different time and place, and realizing how important it is to stay in touch – which accounts for the excitement at the closing dinner at the prestigious City Club on the 51st floor in downtown Los Angeles when Jim Taylor announced that the next Class of 1960 Mini-Reunion will take place in Spring of 2018 in CHICAGO!

Photos are now posted: click to view them!