YAM Notes: May/June 2018

By Rich Banbury

Now that we are jogging through the eighth decade the majority of classmates are retired, whatever that actually means.  This next stretch, with new horizons, are given opportunities for leisure, one of which is time for reading.  Acknowledging that there is a large coterie of professional and published classmates over the years.  A class library follows:  the references to F (fiction) and NF (non-fiction).  Many of these authors have multiple works, and this is only a sampling.

David Elliott, The Vietnamese War:  Revolution and Social Change in the Mecong Delta, 1930-1975, (NF) et al.

Les Epstein San Remo Drive:  A Novel from Memory (2004) (F), King of the Jews (1979) (F), The Eighth Wonder of the World (2006) (F)

Harvey Feinberg, Our Land, Our Life, Our Future:  Black South African Challenges to Territorial Segregation South America Press (NF) (2015).

Bart Giamatti, A Great and Glorious Game, Algonquin Books (1998) (NF) (This is a culmination of baseball essays, including the glorious “The Green Fields of the Mind.”  Bart was filled with metaphors and delicious prose.  After all, the greatest offense is a homerun, allowing the player to actually run home.  Not to forget that Bart passed at the time he was the Commissioner of Major League Baseball.

Peter Green, Crimes of Design:  A Patrick McKenna mystery (F), Ben’s War with the U.S. Marines (NF), Radio:  One Woman’s Family in War and Pieces (sic) (NF).

Dan Horowitz has given us something of a class mirror, like the stage we gave him.  That is his On the Cusp (NF).  That is Dan’s exploration of various classmates from the 1013 who had matriculated and settled in on the Old Campus in 1956.  University of Massachusetts Press.

Lew Lehrman, Lincoln & Churchill (2018) (NF); Churchill, Roosevelt & Company, Studies in Character and Statecraft (2018) (NF) (Amazon); and Lincoln at Peoria: The Turning Point (2008) (NF), et al.

Bill Peace, Fishing the Foreign Seas (F) Eloquent Books.

Barry Schaller (1) A Vision of American Law:  Judging Law, Literature, and the Stories We Tell (NF); (2) Understanding Bioethics and Law, (NF); and (3) The Ramada Affair (F). 

Jonathan Weiss, A Star over Harlem (with H. King) (2014) (F).

This is by no means a complete published library from the Class of 1960, and I anticipate a coming high tide from other veteran class authors.

The New Haven Chorale will have a concert at Woolsey in May, with the participating voice of Arvin Murch, singing a mix of spirituals and folk songs.  We are identified by Arvin during the school year, when our fellowships are actively recruiting undergraduates for the awards, as the students are recruiting us.  Arvin is at the top of our very large team.  Many more on the fellowships later, and also at our Yale60.org website.

Both academic and clinical, John Renner is a Professor of Psychiatry at the Boston University School of Medicine.  John is a member of the medical American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, which has allowed him to have a public policy voice in the President’s Commission on combatting drug addiction and the opioid crisis.

Producing top line stage productions at different times by Steve Baruch.  Some of the shows include The Band’s Visit, Angels in America and House of Cards on Broadway.  Across the pond, a production of Young Frankenstein landed in London with high-level players.

Those of us who have good memories of late nights snacking at the Yankee Doodle, also known as the Doodle, just off York and Elm.  Alas, the Doodle closed in 2008, and all new inspirations have faded away.  Yale scholars Bill Clinton (law) and George W. Bush are both known to have been Doodle aficionados, probably for the popular Pig in a Blanket.  The father of George was a veteran and husband while at Yale.  He would more probably have been seen at Mory’s, but without Barbara as an excluded female.