YAM Notes: November/December 2021

By John A. Wilkinson

Add to your calendars our postponed 60th reunion, June 2–5, 2022, in JE.

Two more classmates with Yale College daughters: No. 32, Vaughn Spencer; and No. 33, David Welles.

Dean Kramer, who left Yale during sophomore year, has expressed interest in 1960’s Tuesday Teas. Though Dean earned his undergraduate, medical, and law degrees elsewhere in the midst of the Vietnam War era, he enthusiastically continues to participate in Yale activities.

Mike Sucoff has moved to Sarasota, Florida, where he not only plays golf but continues to create sculpture in metal.

David Wood has been elected to the board of directors of the Collaborative for Spirituality in Education, headed by Yale College alumna Lisa Miller, professor of psychology and education at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Six more full obituaries on the class website, Yale60.org:

John Bosack. After a brilliant undergraduate program, John completed an MEd at Harvard and embarked on a 34-year career as a teacher of English at Fox Lane High School in Bedford, New York. Department chair, teachers’ union president, and recipient of numerous summer study awards from the National Endowment for the Humanities, he was known for his advocacy for both his students and his colleagues.

Bill Bruckner. Bill spent two years at Yale before returning home to Tulsa to complete his chemical engineering program and then law school, financed by a morning paper route. Both with the NLRB and in private practice, he was nationally known as a distinguished labor lawyer.

Sandy Campbell. E-mails from Sandy’s daughter, Caty, and Lew Lloyd’s wife, Rosemary, informed me of Sandy’s death. Engineer, applied mathematician, scholar of English literature, Sandy’s career spanned Raytheon, Xerox, and MIT, where he taught design. Furniture builder, playwright, canal restorer, and sailor were only a few of his avocations. During our mini-reunion at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, he was a splendid participant.

Harry Hare. While serving with the US Navy following graduation, Harry met his future wife on the beach in Cannes. Romance in France led him to assisting Allard Rosenstein rescue dissidents from Franco’s Spain and employment with the Rockefeller Foundation. Upon return to the States, his next career was as a partner in a Philadelphia investment firm by workday and as fan of folk music, opera, and racket sports in his leisure time.

Stan MacDonald. A letter to Tom Yamin from Binnie MacDonald brought news of Stan’s death in Maine, where, after a tour with the US Marines and big-city banking, he long served as a humane, small-town banker and commercial loan officer. A man of constant motion, Stan followed his distinguished career in college track with bicycling, skiing, skating, kayaking, windsurfing. His love of Dixieland and jazz music originated in his youth. Remember the concert freshman year when the Yale Alumni Banjo Club featured Stan and his father, Class of 1929, President Griswold’s class?

Steve Van Strum. Co-owner of a bookstore in Berkeley, California, as well as co-founder of two publishing companies, he advanced the work of poets and composers. A lifelong gardener and environmental advocate in Oregon, he successfully fought the US Forest Service’s use of Agent Orange, which had sickened his children. Books were the passion of this literate man.

Tempus fugit, sumus hic.