YAA Reports

“Cultivating Leadership: Advancing Yale’s Mission”
November 21-22, 2019

The YAA did a nice job of informing and including all new members at a luncheon on the first day, and a very large dinner that night, honoring Yale Medal winners.

All class delegates attended a one hour discussion and Q & A with President Peter Salovey. He gave an excellent, uplifting, lecture, and took a long Q & A session on an update of the University. President Salovey shared campus highlights and articulated his vision for Yale’s future. This session was followed immediately by another conversation in leadership by three Yale Board of Trustees – Joshua Bekenstein ’80, Kate Walsh ’77, ’79 M.P.H., and Michael Warren ’90. This was quite interesting, as the audience asked numerous questions about the role and direction of the Yale Board of Trustees. The panelists couldn’t have been more responsive, friendly, and helpful in their answers.

To summarize, I thought the two-day meeting was very well organized, welcoming and informative about current Yale issues. If there are any questions, or the like, any of our classmates can reach me at my office by emailing me, ddell@lagardere-se.com.

Donald Dell