YAM Notes: January/February 2016

By Rich Banbury

The next off-campus Reunion has taken shape. The destination is the grand city of Los Angeles, with a duration of Tuesday, October 18th through Saturday, October 22nd. Plenty of time to vote in the Presidential election on November 8th. The local co-captains are Bob Mallano and Bill Shipman. There are lots of Saints in southern California. Just 70 miles up the coast from Los Angeles is the wonderful small city of Santa Barbara, where our mates Richard Blake, Tom Dent, Bill McKinnon, Dudley Morris, and Jock Pillsbury proudly reside. Only 60 miles down the coast from the Angelenos is the deep water United States Navy base at San Diego, where many of our class sailors once spent good days ashore. You can win a bar bet, or teach geography to grandchildren, as to whether San Diego is east of Reno, Nevada. It is. So is Los Angeles. Not everyplace on the west coast is west of everyplace else. Not to overlook that stunning city up north named for Saint Francis. As for the Angelenos’s ancestry, Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo declared the area for Spain in 1542. On September 4, 1781, Felipe de Neve, then the Spanish governor, formally founded the city, which didn’t raise the flag of Mexico until 1821. In 1847, as a result of the Mexican-American War, the United States took possession of Los Angeles, by way of the Guadaiupe Hidalgo Treaty. Not all the Saints are in California. The denizens of New Orleans often celebrate their history when the Saints come marching in.

Having successfully published within the non-fiction world, Judge Barry Schaller has now ventured into the mixture of inspiration and imagination by way of The Ramadi Affair. This novel, published by Quid Pro Books, is a fictional account of moral issues during and after the Iraq War.

During the calendar year of 2015, thirteen Yale undergraduates experienced international placements in a variety of challenging positions by way of the Les Aspin, John Heinz and Branford fellowships. The total amount of these awards was $62,150. Significantly, members of the Class of 1986 continue to participate in the interviews for selection of the awardees. Our association with ’86 is motivated by the anticipation that they will eventually take over the task.

Reynold Reslan Feldman, recently released Terranautics 101: The Basics for Navigating an Uncertain Future. The underlying core of Dr. Feldman’s approach to personal human development can be summarized in the following way: “I believe that human development is a three-legged stool made up of parenting, formal education and life experience. To become a good person skilled at living effectively in the world, an individual must develop their body, heart, mind and spirit.” The book is available in digital form for $2.99 through terranautics.org. Reynold has a doctorate in English from Yale.

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