YAM Notes: March/April 2018

A few of us have had the opportunity to meet Jean McKillop, at least electronically, who is our webmaster and designer for posting Yale60.org.  Jean just happens to live in Maine, where she works and responds to morgana@downeasthost.com.  Alas, we were not the first of Yale classes to have Jean running our website.  The rather loose protocol is to post, through a committee consisting of Peter Wells, John Wilkinson, and Peter Knudson and your notes guy.  The classmates running the three fellowships Les Aspin, Jack Heinz and Branford submit directly to Jean, with substantial material and pictures.  If you haven’t visited our site, you will see numerous links off the welcome page, including In Memoriam and some obituaries.  And web designer.

Steve Kunitz and Dan Horowitz have authored their article entitled Paradox and Privilege: . . . a 55-year follow-up of the mortality of Yale College graduates, published by Elsevier Ltd., in April of 2016.  In the introduction, the abstract states:  “A case study of the Yale College Class of 1960 makes it possible to contribute to an increasingly complex understanding of the relationship between social privilege and mortality.”  Jump to our website for finding the entire article.  Dan’s book On the Cusp, previously noted in this column, contains multiple considerations and issues involving our Class.

A loose and enthusiastic assortment of Yale ’60 golfers have been convening for many years to play at various noteworthy venues around the country.  The latest event was held in mid-October in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  The event was graciously hosted by Emery Olcott and his wife Barbara, who should receive a medal for her organizing ability.  The two excellent and scenic courses were Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club and the Bald Peak Colony Club which were in the same high class as the excellent entertaining the Olcotts provided.  Beside Emery, the cast included Steve Lisewicz, a Yeoman’s job planning these gigs, Bill Finn, Dewey Hamilton, Howie Levine, Steve O’Brien, Bob Payne, George Rieger, Dick Sigal, Dave Sellers, Peter Wells, and Fritz Steele.  The level of play was, shall we say, somewhat variable except for O’Brien, who brought the group’s average skill up considerably.  Thanks for Fritz reporting.  It must have been nice to see Trumbull roommates Emery, Dave and Fritz in a well-known suite as with Bob Lewis.  Acknowledged by many as the best athlete in our class, Bob died in February of 1961, during a swimming rescue in the Pacific Ocean.

Steven Phillips lives on the street across the Chateau Versailles, but prefers not to take long trips.  Guess we know why, with that location.  Visitors are welcome.

With Betsy’s encouragement, Sandy Campbell is getting rid of “stuff.”  Many of us are slimming down with the personal property collected over several decades, with smiling spouses.  Recently, Sandy and Betsy toured Pauli Murray College, as one of the two new Colleges by the Ingalls Rink.  They were very impressed with Murray, although they were somewhat surprised that the bookshelves were empty.  Already in the mood, there was room for physical donations, including Sandy’s Library of America of 300 volumes.  A student who helped them transport the books to the library remarked that her grandparents had the same volumes, but Sandy was relieved that Yale now retains real books.

On the chance that someone was living in Sri Lanka or such, Yale tripped Harvard 24-3 on November 18th with 52,000 plus in the Bowl, thereby winning the Ivy League Championship.