YAM Notes: March/April 2017

By Rich Banbury

Our ’60 golf team has once again gone on the tour, enjoying fair days on fairways. The latest friendly three-day competition was accommodated at the Honors Course in Chattanooga. The timely tournament was hosted by Howie Levine, with Steve Lasewicz as the impresario. Our drivers and duffers were Mike Dickerson, Harold Finn, Matt Freeman, Mike Harris, Bob Payne, George Rieger, Bill Shipman, Dave Toomey, and Tom Trowbridge. Not a surprise to the rest, Harris was the low score and the best player to command the course. The 19th hole was, of course, a cordial winner for each and all. The next venue may be an autumn in Vermont.

The Larry Bogert household has been carrying on the Yale tradition over the generations. Daughter Cyrena ’90 is married to Geoffrey Fink ’91. Cyrena and Geoffrey’s daughter Brigitte is currently a Yale freshman with the Class of 2020. We all know how difficult it is to win an invitation for academic life on the Old Campus. This will be a very transitional year for Yale with regard to the two new colleges, Benjamin Franklin and Pauli Murray. (Charles Johnson ’54 is known to have supported construction with $250 million.) For those who haven’t seen the classic architecture, both new colleges are positioned just south of Ingalls Hockey Rink and north of the Grove Street Cemetery. A wonderful location for those who frequent Science Hill, and for hockey players. For admissions, the first year enrollment will increase from about 1,300 to 1,500 per class. Where will all the freshmen be located, which has been something of a problem over many years, is still being worked out. Perhaps another nearby Yale building will become available for resident freshmen.

Much is going on with regard to our Les Aspin, Jack Heinz, and Branford fellowships, with a good number of our classmates participating in the selection of candidates and various activities after the summer placements. Arvin Murch is at the apex of the consolidated fellowships. These activities include getting together in various groups after the spectrum of experiences. I encourage you to jump on our website, Yale60.org, which will access many of the stories and multiple photographs, with our guys all looking good. As you know, photographs are not accepted in this section of the alumni magazine. One wonders whether published class notes will eventually disappear in favor of social media in many ways. There certainly are a large number of classmates who circulate with Facebook or similar options. You can access these fellowship activities by opening the “Class Projects & Fellowships” at our website.

A prolific author and architect, Peter Green has now released Radio: One Woman’s Story in War and Peace, with his mother, Alice Green. This item is described as a witty woman’s tale of World War II.

The mystery of Scott Wakefield has been solved by Rob Hanke. After many years, Rob has located Scott, a good friend at Yale. Rob had been the best man at Scott’s wedding in 1966 in London, and two years later Rob became the godfather of Scott’s son Lain. Since Lain comes to the United States for his publishing company in Oxford, Scott arranged for Rob and Lain to meet. As a result, Rob and Lynn spent a poignant afternoon and dinner with his godson. Scott is doing well but prefers to retain his privacy.